Statutory Limit (.08)

If you blew .08 or higher, you can simply accept your punishment (possible jail time and drivers license suspension) and try to move on with your life. Or you can fight!

You can hire an attorney who is experienced in defending Utah DUI cases. And nobody is more experienced than Tyler Ayres and The Ayres Law Firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. We know the law and we know how the law can be implemented to protect your rights. We can find the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you and we can use the knowledge of these flaws to get the best possible outcome for your case. Simply because you blew .08 or higher does not mean you are guilty of DUI.

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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Readings Are Known to be Flawed

Simply because a machine said your BAC was over the legal limit does not mean you were. Was the machine was functioning properly? Do you know if the machine had been properly calibrated? Can you trust a reading from a machine that may have been operated improperly by the police offer? Did you know that the machine has a built-in margin of error? Many times these facts can be used to demonstrate that a reading from machine is not enough to convict.

The intoxilyzer machine has various flaws. The Ayres Law firm can demonstrate how these flaws can help to overcome a drunk driving charge.

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