Getting a Reduction in Your Charges for a DUI

It is Your Right to Fight!

Many people simply accept their punishment for DUI because they don’t believe they can fight it. Because they don’t know any better, they accept unreasonably large fines, driver’s license suspensions, and even jail time! Don’t be one of these people. If you have been accused of a crime it is your constitutional right to fight it!

First Option: Fight for a Dismissal of Your DUI DWI Charges

Your constitutional rights demand that you are innocent until proven guilty. Many times the evidence that the prosecutor has against you begins to diminish when properly scrutinized.

The Ayres Law Firm will complete a thorough investigation of your DUI charges. We will investigate whether you were pulled over legally, if the arresting officer did his/her job properly and according to the law, if all tests were properly applied and conducted, and more.

Second Option: Fight for a Reduction of Your DUI DWI Charges

While it is often possible to get your DUI charges dismissed, there are times when this option is not possible. If we’re not able to fight for a complete dismissal of your charges, we will always work to have any and all charges reduced to less serious ones.

Many times we can get the charges reduced to impaired driving. This charge can help you avoid a suspension of your drivers license, carries much lower fines, and more.

We work every aspect of your case to help ensure a the most positive outcome and the most competitive fees in the entire state of Utah.

Your First Consultation is Always Free

Do not talk to the police or the criminal prosecutor without first talking with the DUI experts at The Ayres Law Firm.

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