Why Were You Pulled Over?

Knowing exactly what were you actually pulled over for is very important when it comes to your DUI charges?

  • Were you stopped for having a tail light out?
  • Where you pulled over because the officer said the tint in your windows was too dark?
  • Were you stopped for a mud flap violation?

If you were stopped and detained for one of these reasons, or any other reason not related to a drunk driving charge, you might have be the victim of an unjustified stop or a 4th Amendment violation.

Were you Pulled Over for One Thing, and Then Charged for Another Thing?

If you were pulled over for one thing, and then charged with something completely unrelated to that, there is a good chance that your rights have been violated.

A law enforcement officer must have legitimate reasonable suspicion to be able to legally administer drunk driving tests. If you were pulled over because you had a dead tail light, they cannot simply administer a breathalyzer test just to see if you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

If you were a victim of this abuse of power, we may be able to suppress some evidence, which could result in a better outcome for your case.

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