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The Ayres Law Firm has helped hundreds of people throughout Utah get the best possible results on their DUI case.

We provide comprehensive drunk driving defense services, including:

The Importance of Full Investigation

Drunk driving cases are not simple. They are not just a matter of you being over the statutory limit (.08) or driving while impaired.

In fact, there are a wide variety of issues that need to be investigated, issues that touch on your fourth amendment rights and more. A few of the issues that may need to be investigated regarding your DUI case include:

Negotiate or Fight? How Should You Handle Your DUI?

Utah DUI Attorneys at Ayres Law Firm are extremely knowledgeable about Utah DUI Laws. Sometimes it makes sense to negotiate a reduced charge, such as reckless driving. Many times, however, the offers that prosecutors make are worthless. We know that you may be able to get a better outcome by going to trial. And we are not afraid to take your case to trial if that is the best strategy for your defense.

As we work through the three stages of DUI defense, you can be confident that we are committed to getting results that matter for you, your family and your livelihood.

More Than Just Alcohol Offenses

While most DUI/DWI charges are related to alcohol, an increasing number of DUI/DWI arrests are for driving under the influence of drugs.

Our attorneys are experts regarding DUI narcotics charges. He can also handle related issues, such as drug possession charges or charges of possession with intent to sell.

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