Intoxilyzer Tests

The Intoxilyzer is the “breath test machine” that is used by police in Utah, and while it is designed to provide a reading of your body’s blood alcohol content, these tests are often flawed.

Scrutinizing Breathalyzer Test Evidence

By challenging the evidence involved in drunk driving case, the Ayres Law Firm has experienced tremendous success in finding flaws that can produce a positive outcome for you. Our research into your case will include an in-depth analysis of the police officer’s experience and procedure in administering the breathalyzer test on you.

Mistakes with the Breathalyzer Test

Police officers are required to follow very strict procedures when administering a breathalyzer test. It is not a simple matter of having the driver blow into a tugbe. It is not uncommon for most officers to neglect following all of the procedural requirements of administering the breathalyzer test.

Procedural and Technical Flaws Often Lead to Breathalyzer Misreadings

The only real accurate way to test one’s blood alcohol level is by a blood test. But because it costs too much to take blood from every person pulled over for drunk driving, our law-makers have decided that a breathalyzer test is close enough, even though it can only provide an “educated guess.”

Because it is not accurate, we believe the breathalyzer test is fundamentally flawed. There are also specific technical issues that can lead to mistakes. Calibration of the machine, intrinsic margin of error and other flaws with the breathalyzer test are always carefully reviewed and analyzed by our legal team.

This experience helps us to be very successful at using intoxilyzer test mistakes to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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