Did You Pre-Approve a Breathalyzer Test?

Did you know that you have already consented to a breathalyzer test? Everyone who has a valid drivers license has given what is called “implied consent.” When you accept the privilege to drive, you also agree to take a breathalyzer test any time you are pulled over.

Whether or not you believe implied consent is right or fair, it is something that has to be addressed. At the Ayres Law Firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, we know how to deal with the legal aspects of implied consent.

Should You Talk to an Attorney?

Because of your implied consent to agree to a breathalyzer test, refusal to take the test can be a serious issue and it can seriously complicate your case. The law states that you don’t have the right to talk to a attorney until after you take the breathalyzer test. However, as soon as you have taken the test, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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Did You Refuse to Take the Test?

Refusing to take the breathalyzer can become a complicated issue. The attorneys at Ayres Law Firm know this. In many cases, what the police officer says was a refusal may not have actually beem a refusal. There is a certain way the officer must ask you to take a breathalyzer test and, if you refuse, tha refusal must be clear.

For example, if you asked if you could talk to an attorney before taking the test, the police officer could call that a refusal, and a mistake has been made.

Sobriety Test Mistakes Are a Reality

Intoxilyzer tests are not perfect, not by a long shot. The drunk driving defense lawyers are Ayres Law Firm understand their imperfections of these tests, and we understand the flaws in implied consent.

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