Are all Police Trustworthy?

Before you just accept the belief that you are guilty because police officers are trustworthy, understand this one fact: The job of police officers and prosecutors is to convict you. Violations of the Fourth Amendment are not uncommon when it comes to DUI cases!

Have Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated?

If you have reason to believe that your 4th amendment rights have been violated, consider these facts:

  • Police must have a valid and legal reason to pull you over: If you have been pulled over for a ridiculous reason, such as a mudflap violation, snow covering your license plate, or a light out on your license plate, your 4th amendment rights may have been violated.
  • Police can only investigate the issue they pulled you over for: If you were pulled over for an illegal lane change, and then immediately forced to do field sobriety tests simply because the law enforcement officer said he/she smelled alcohol, your 4th amendment rights may have been violated.
  • There must be probable cause to make a DUI arrest: If you were arrested for no reason at a sobriety checkpoint or roadblock, your 4th amendment rights may have been violated.

It Happens All the Time

Police step on fourth amendment rights more often than you might imagine. If you suspect your 4th Amendment Rights have been violated, you wouldn’t be the first. Every day, people are arrested without probable cause. Every day there are victims of illegal searches and seizures. Every day, the fourth amendment rights of U.S. citizens are violated.

A careful review of all the evidence in your DUI case is important to judge whether or not your 4th amendment rights have been violated.

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