Illegal and Prescription Drugs

A DUI/DWI arrest can be made when someone is under the influence of drugs, whether they are illegal or prescription, in addition to alcohol.

Utah law goes even farther by stating that an arrest can be made for a “per se” DUI. This means you can be arrested even though the drugs have no effect on you or your driving at the time you are pulled over! With a simple residue of a drug in your bloodstream – called the drug’s metabolite – you can be arrested for a per se DUI.

Of course, you can be arrested for DUI if you are driving a vehicle under the influence of illegal street drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or heroine. But did you know that you can be cited for a DUI for driving while you are under a doctor’s order for prescription drugs? These include loratab, percocet, vicodin, soma, , ambien, oxycotton, or any other prescription drugs and/or their metabolites in your bloodstream.

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