Utah Criminal Defense

  • Woman’s DUI charge reduced to reckless driving
  • Man found not guilty of assault charge through jury trial
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The Ayres Law Firm represents real people accused of any and all crimes. Real people are most often accused of crimes like speeding, DUI, domestic violence, possession, and other crimes that are referred to as “minor” crimes. At the Ayres Law Firm, we understand that when you are accused of any crime, it is not minor to you.

Likewise, we have the experience and understanding of the Utah Criminal Defense system to represent those accused of crimes that are not considered minor by anyone. We have successfully represented individuals accused of attempted murder, vehicle homicide, as well as allegations of major theft and sex crimes.

Regardless of the crime, we respect every person we represent. We recognize you as a real person with family, friends, a job and a life. We understand the impact any allegation has on your life, and we work accordingly for you.

Always remember, the government is not your friend.
Don’t trust them to treat you fairly or deal with you as a real person.