Consumer Rights

Just as the government is not your friend, its cousin – big business – is not your friend either. Mortgage companies that are “too big to fail” and debt collectors have no qualms about lying to you to get – or keep – your business. Once you are on the wrong side of that business, and owe more money than you can pay back today, they will show their teeth.

At the Ayres Law Firm we represent people who are being harassed by debt collectors and violating their rights with illegal debt collections practices such as sending bogus letters, faxes, e-mails, and making phone calls that the law does not allow.

The only way to prevent companies from preying on real people is to hit them where it hurts ­– in their bottom line. If we take money from them (and we need to take a lot because they are huge) then they will recognize there are laws designed to protect real people like you.

Always remember, the government is not your friend.
Don’t trust them to treat you fairly or deal with you as a real person.