Civil Rights Abuse

The Ayres Law Firm represents people who are fighting against the government. We know the Constitution and recognize that Constitutional Rights are vital to our freedoms. When the government violates those rights, by unjustifiably arresting you, using excessive force, preventing speech, or violating any other Constitutional Right, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit under U.S. Code Section 1983.

These lawsuits are very different from other lawsuits because the damages are found the loss of freedoms and protections. We don’t have to prove that the violations cost you money or made you suffer – simply that there was a Constitutional violation that is not protected under Qualified Immunity or any other form of governmental immunity.

If you’ve interacted with the government – whether it’s the police, the school district, the mayor’s office, or any other government official – and you feel like your rights have been ignored, please call us for an evaluation. The best way to protect our Constitutional Freedoms is to enforce them as frequently as possible.

Always remember, the government is not your friend.
Don’t trust them to treat you fairly or deal with you as a real person.